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DIY Fridge slide and false floor for 120

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    Originally posted by sparksy View Post
    Have now replaced the small shelf unit in rear with a single drawer unit. Was going to go with the twin drawer unit but it meant the fridge would be too high.
    Also while I was on a roll tidied up the electrics for the roof mounted solar and fitted the compressor under the fridge mount which replaces the second row small seat. Made the fridge mount so it holds a 35L waeco on the upper level and the space under is just high enough and large enough to fit 2 cartons.
    Very Nice!. I have a similar setup in the rear as I never liked the height of the fridge on double drawers or the complexity/cost of a drop down slide.


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      Fixed the bent sides and rollers on my 4wdsupercentre drawers.
      The mushroom head bolts that support the bearings that the drawer runs on are bending the steel sides. The sides are pretty thin galv sheet and not very strong. it also isn't stiff enough to keep the outer frame square so the drawer doesn't run square.

      Well still waiting for email reply from 4wd supercentre Re warranty on single drawer. Tried ringing but that was futile.
      So decided to fix them rather than wait.
      The sides of the drawers is thin sheet and the weight of drawers made the bearing support bolts bend the sides in so drawer would jam.
      also even though they fitted 2 bearings only 1 just made contact.
      made up some fish plates to fit on outside of the frame and then replaced the bearing bolts with longer ones and added washers to move bearings in so both would take weight.
      also fitted a polyurethane block on inside of frame to run along the drawer length, this stops the frame going out of square.

      Last pic shows the fold up work bench over top of drawer.Made from Dotmar Poly "ply"

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        I’m going to be fitting an 18mm structural ply false floor on the driver’s side of the boot so I can fit a fridge slide on top. I’ve got a Grande which has 15mm thick sound deadening insulation incl the carpet too when compressed. The sound deadening material is glued down in places I’ve found out. When others have fitted ply false floors, were you just fitting them on top of the boot carpet, or removing the carpet & fitting them straight down to the steel floor? Will need fairly long bolts to fit into the existing bolt holes. I was going to try The Nut & Bolt Factory to source longer bolts with the same thread.
        2005 120 series V6 Grande, 2 inch susp lift (King/EFS combo), 32 inch MT’s, Safari Snorkel, rear diff lock, breathers, Light Force spotlights, UHF, dual batteries.


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