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Third diesel tank / WVO conversion

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  • Third diesel tank / WVO conversion

    So I知 doing a wvo conversion on my 120 series 1KZTE. Got a friend who owns two fish and chip shops and been planning to do it for ages. This Iran business (and an upcoming cross country trip) have pushed me over the edge.

    Kit is from Dirk, directly imported from Germany. Dirk is a top guy, took an hour on the phone to answer all my annoying questions.

    Being a two tank system I considered using one of the factory tanks for the diesel and the other for the wvo. I even called around to try and get one of the Brown Davis 170L extend range units to pump me up to 260L combined of diesel and wvo, but they aren稚 made anymore and no one has stock.

    I managed to get the fuel tank diagram from Pedro (cheers mate!) and in light of how the twin tank system works I知 keen to leave it as is, and make up a small third tank for the diesel. It only needs to be twenty litres or so, it痴 just so the car starts and purges at the beginning and end of the journey on diesel so will use only a minimal amount.

    Finally to my question.

    Has anyone got any experience having an third tank manufactured and mounted? Or done it themself? I知 going to crawl under there with a welding guy from around the corner tomorrow and see how much room there is. Clearly there must be some space if brown Davis can cram another 80L of volume in there.

    I also asked brown Davis for the cad files for the 170L tank seeing as they have no plans to ever make it again. If they do I値l let you guys know how I go getting one laser cut and welded up.

    Will post all photos and experiences here.

    wish me luck!