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    Hi I have a 2007 Toyota land cruiser invincible 3.0 D4D 120 series and I was wanting to install a revering camera in it but I don't know how to go about the process e.g which camera to buy, how to fit....any advice would be appreciated thanks

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    I'm going through this right now. If you are handy enough, it can be done DIY no problems. If not, I suggest you go to a Car audio specialist who can generally advise on options and do the installation. A bit pricey, but its an option.

    If you are looking for a standalone unit (ie it doesn't go through a head unit), and the LCD is mounted on the dash some where, there are many places that sell a range of kits, from cheap and nasty, to high quality units. Most require you to mount the camera and LCD yourself and run the wiring. I'd suggest a camera that mounts to the licence plate light, easy to run wires through the rear door shell and down inside the cable tray on the floor on the drivers side.

    If you want to incorporate into a headunit with a LCD screen, little more complex because you will have to pull the centre of the dash out to connect it all up, plus the above fitting of the camera.

    Youtube is your friend in terms of the process to install, just do plenty of research if you are going to tackle it yourself.

    I will more than likely look for a place that can supply the whole unit and do the install.


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      Hi thanks for replying I will defiantly be looking at trying to wire it straight to my factory Toyota head unit because I dont like having any aftermarket screens cluttering up my car but I just dont know which one I would need? any ideas?


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