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    hi I have a 2007 land cruiser invincible and the the spare wheel is under the car and I want to place it on the boot door any suggestions how I should go about it. I was thinking of just replacing the whole back door with the model that had the spare mounted onto the door I found a door from ebay from a 2003 LC3 but would it be compatible with my car any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    you can either buy a rear door or a rear wheel carriers.

    i personally would buy a dual rear wheel carrier.

    wheel on one side and put a dual jerry holder on the other side. A jerry of fuel and a jerry of water.
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      Thanks for replying, it might be quicker and easier to just change the whole door so would the rear door off a 2003 lc3 be compatible on my 2007 invincible.


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        Can't see why they wouldn't be compatible. They both have swing out rear doors.
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          well I was worried about the shape of the glass if it would fit and the wiring loom?


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