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'05 GXL running gear into '04 Grande

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  • '05 GXL running gear into '04 Grande

    Hi all,
    My '05 GXL ended in a ditch on its roof last weekend. It wasn't comprehensively insured, only third party so I've decided to grab all the good gear out of it and build myself a new Prado.
    I found a reasonably good '04 Grande with a blown motor and bought it, pulled the motor and tranny ready for my old running gear.
    I discovered that the Grande has a 4-speed auto and my GXL had the 5-speed. This means to change the drive train will also involve swapping in my diffs as the ratios are different. More work but no drama.
    My question relates to the PCM and which one to use. The Grande has traction control and a bunch more features my GXL did not have but the Grande PCM is designed to control a 4-speed box. If I install my 5-speed box, I will need my PCM right?
    Any help will be appreciated before I get myself too deep into this project.

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    just change the engine then
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