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Suspension upgrade on Prado Grande

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    Was due a feedback after suspension job.

    Finally, I got the parts (toughdog FC 404400 front and FC 404116 rear, king coils ktfs 101 front and rear OE airbags) delivered and had them installed last Friday at my usual Toyota workshop.

    The suspension levels pre-install were:
    F: 730/735mm
    R: 765/775mm

    After install I took measurements a few times after wheel allignment and a drive test. They vary slightly from measurement to measurement but generally, within a margin of +/- 5mm:
    F: 732/738mm
    R: 780/773mm
    So, there was no lift which is ok as l was aiming to keep height in check by using KTFS coils instead of KTFR.
    Subsequently, no need to fiddle with the airbag sensors.

    Ride feels just as comfortable as I was used to before when riding with my OE Grande adjustable shocks in 4th setting (Sport, hard).
    The front feels a tad softer only during rebound but the rear feels more brutal during rebound. The initial bounce feels about the same F & R and very similar to my old suspension setup. This difference front/rear in rebound I did not expect but I guess it takes a bit of getting used to.
    This was on tarmac.
    On badly paved cobblestone streets, the suspension feels different: better, firmer, grippier, more responsive and controllable and the F&R difference fades away.

    Will test them off road soon.


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