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Another Koni question - HT and HT Raid new version

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  • Another Koni question - HT and HT Raid new version

    Hello everyone!

    I'm from Germany so my English is not the best, but I hope you understand what I mean...

    I have a 3 door Prado 120.
    Currently I have a OME kit installed, these are springs advertised as +40mm and shocks (Nitrocharger).

    This was good for 10 years and 200tkm, but now the rear shocks are gone (rust) and the driving behaviour is very very soft and unprecise.
    I use the car most of the time to commute to work. 2 times a year I'm in holiday and I use it offroad then. Some gravelroads, in the forest and so on.

    I was thinking about Koni HT Raids as I have very good experience with Koni in my other cars.
    Then I was reading about limited travel of the shocks... no good.

    Just at that time when I was realising the problem with the limited travel Koni made a new version of the front damper, now offering 11mm more travel. Rear stays the same, really short, but softer compression damping.
    I asked about prices and they got even more expensive - about 1500 for all 4 - this is about 2100 Aus$. Plus Koni does not give the lifetime warranty anymore, since 2010.

    I'm not sure if I really need the RAIDs.
    The HT offer nearly the travel the OME give, and cost about half the price.

    What do you think? Any experience with the "standard" Heavy Tracks?
    What about damping? Are they more on the soft or hard side regarding compression?
    The ride should be comfortable but they should have a certain resistance from blowing thru the travel.
    The most important - they should never let me down...

    Thank you for reading all this and helping me out


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    Hey Reno,

    There isn't a heap of experience with HT Konis here on Pradopoint, as most tend to go for the RAIDS. The RAIDS are over priced for what they are, simple big bore twin tube hydraulics.

    The lengths and valving of the HT will be better than the RAIDS in lifted geometry if you are planning on keeping your OME coils.

    As you are in Germany, you might also with to consider investing locally in some Bilsteins?

    Everything you want to know about Bilsteins for the Prado is here;

    Hope this helps you out!


    2006 GXL petrol auto. ARB deluxe bar x3 HID IPF's, ARB alloy roofrack, ARB awning, BFG A/T, Safari snorkel, Piranha breathers, Pacemaker extractors, custom Ironman 45710FE 436-569mm with Dobinsons 350, custom Ironman 45682FE 383-618mm with Dobinsons 487, Firestone kevlar 60psi airbags, 30mm extended Roadsafe links, AMTS bashplate and recovery points, ABR Flyer with Powersonic AGM.


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      sorry, I missed to answer to your message! I now have HT Konis, without Raid. I'm really pleased with them.
      Hopefully they work fine for a longer time!

      Thanks again,