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2007 Grande TD Rear Suspension Problem

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  • 2007 Grande TD Rear Suspension Problem

    Hi everyone. This is my first ever post here on the forum and I'm hoping I can get a little feedback to my problem I'm having. I have a 2007 Prado Grande, TD with about 250k on the clock. Everything is all standard and works well other than recently my rear air suspension. The compressor seems to be working just fine and will raise the car without any problems, but just today I selected HI on the control button on the centre console and it raised without any issues. I then selected Normal and the indicator light went down to N and began to blink as it normally would, meaning it is performing the task until it reaches N level and the light stays solid. But today I selected N when it was at HI and the light began to blink next to N meaning it was going down. But the problem is that the car didn't lower and it didn't release the air and now its stuck on HI. I took it for a drive reaching speeds above 80km because I read somewhere it would lower to N automatically if speeds exceeded 50km but this didn't do a thing. Also, just to add, the height control on/off switch is definitely in the on position. The only thing I can of is that one of the sensors is playing up. Any thoughts would be great.
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