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  • Dobinson c59-327

    Hi Guys,

    Quick question.
    I am looking at getting the c59-327 for the rear.

    It measures around 410mm free length.
    Is this classified as a 2" coil, or as a 3" coil?

    My plan is to stay to a 2" coil, to avoid any serious issues,

    Will I have problems with brake lines?

    Thank you

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    I took the 327 off my 150 GX because despite 20000km it was far too high in the rear. Yes it gave a good ride and yes it carried heavy outback trip loads well but when the car is empty [ most of the time] it sat too high at about 840-850 mm. I am sure that the problem is that the 5 seat GX is about 100 kg lighter than the GXL and most of that is in the rear. The ride when empty is also fine but I wanted no insurance hassles with a car which was well over the legal 50mm lift. The 327 may well be fine with a GXL or above or if you regularly have 100 kg or so in the car. I now have 325 with polyair air bags in them. It is currently sitting at 830 mm in the rear with little air in the airbags. This gives a good ride, more clearance in car parks and no potential legal hassles with the option to put up to 30psi in there if the load is heavy. I had the same set up in my previous 120VX and it was fine over about 80000km. [In that case the springs were ARB mediums so very similar.]
    Dobinsons say a 50mm lift. No issues with brake lines etc. The 327 and 325 appear to be the same length when I put them side by side on the garage floor but the 327 is just harder to compress. Check the spring rates in the data base? From memory [bad] standard is about 170 ft/pd, 325 is 220 ft/pd, and the 327 is 270 ft/pd. Horses for courses but my guess is unless you run loaded all the time the 327 may be a bit much for a 120.


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      Thank you for this.
      Yes that was my concern, I always want to go bigger I think I wil OPT for OME 889 which is 400mm, and then 260 spring rate i can get some nice dicount at a store here,

      I think for my loads, the spring (327) will be too stiff and too long.

      Thank you


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        The 327 surprisingly is not a stiff riding spring but with its higher rate it just sat too high for my liking


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          Anyone else to share their experiences and thoughts?


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            The 327 is a good length / rate for lightly loaded vehicles. Go much softer and it will pitch off-road and sag too much when you put any load in it.

            Many run longer 270-280 coils.


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              Re length, that's about your shocks open length. Springs won't effect your brake lines. You don't want to springs to fall out at full droop.


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                Drwormy that is true but when the car is 100 kg lighter to start with in the rear like a GX the 327 has it sitting just too high. Put 100kg in it and it is fine with height.