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Rear wheel not turning smoothly.

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  • Rear wheel not turning smoothly.


    I'm a bit of a noob, so you can assume that I'm writing this with a certain level of ignorance. But hopefully some of you fine folks can point me in the right direction.

    I just moved to Mozambique and bought a 2005 Prado that was just imported from Japan. It is very clean and looks to be in very good condition (3.4 V6 automatic). However, the right rear wheel is not rotating smoothly. Today, a local mechanic replaced an arched pin that was bent (sorry I don't know the name) that connected to the parking brake. It was bent (or stretched) and caused the parking brake to rattle. We hoped that was the fix, but after hooking everything back up, the wheel is still not turning smoothly. On each rotation of the wheel, it comes to a place where the wheel encounters tension. When rotating the wheel slowly, it becomes a little difficult to turn. When driving at slow speeds, there is a creaking sound from the wheel. When driving slightly faster (but still slowly) there is a swooshing sound on each rotation.

    The mechanic thinks the bearings in that wheel need replaced. Does this seem like the right fix? I have read elsewhere that it is unusual for rear bearings to go bad.

    It is possible that it has been sitting for quite some time in Japan waiting to be sold and exported. The odometer reads 73k, but most around here say that isn't trustworthy. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!

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    A faulty bearing doesn't sound unreasonable. Bearings, breaks or a foreign body in the wrong place are the only things I could think of.
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      I'd be checking for a warped brake disc first.
      You could simply take the pads out and put wheel back on to test by hand. (Don't use the brake pedal!).
      Or you could use a dial indicator to check for warpage.

      If still noisy back handbrake right off. And try again.

      If still noisy well. It leaves bearing as the likely candidate.


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        I'm thinking either a warped disc, or someone may have previously tried to pull off the rotor with the handbrake applied or not backed off properly, causing damage to the handbrake assembly inside the the hub. Or maybe a rusty, dusty old handbrake assembly that isn't backing off from the hub properly when the handbrake lever is released. Does your handbrake work properly or does it have no bite in it when applied? Or maybe hand brake shoes simply slightly over tensioned. If you can, try and line up a bottom hole on the rotor hub at 6 o'clock. Give a quick light spray lubricant into the hole onto the cog. You may need a torch to see it first. That is the cog to back off and tighten the handbrake for that wheel. I think it's to be rotated from bottom to top to back it off. Only small corrections needed with a flat head screw driver are needed. It's been a few years since I've done this procedure, hope I remembered it correctly.
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