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    Re: Tyre/Wheels Index - Click here

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      Hi everyone
      This is my first post on the forum so be kind.
      I have just bought a 2008 Prado Standard (GX I think) with option pack 1 and I am impressed.
      I currently have 225/70/17 Steel Rims on but what I want to know in simple terms can I put bigger tyres and rims
      on it to pretty it up a bit.
      I went into well know tyre retailer today and asked them but reply was unless I put a flare kit on it I would have to stick with the skinnies
      I live in a small town and not a lot of options with retailers here. 400km away from Adelaide.



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        Hi Sevent4bb, you've probably posted this question in the wrong thread. This is an index thread of various tyre options for the 120 series.

        Try using the search function in top right hand section of the forum. The GX is not hugely popular on here so if you have no luck, user 'samo' is very knowledgeable in all things GX (though he no longer owns one).
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          I have a 08 GX, I have fitted the TRD hulux wheels which are the same offset as the GXL prado wheels. I am running the same tyres as the GXL 265/65R17. The tread sits just inside the guards but the side wall does just stick out from the sides. I probably should fit some kind of fiair but there are plenty of cars out there that are way worse than mine. My brother also has a GX with the same set up, neither of us have had any trouble. I am not home for a week but could send some pictures if you like? Adam.


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            Added new rims to my rig with ET04 offset, bringing each rim 26mm more outward. This is legal in my country. In combination with my 265/70R17 oversized AT tires, there was significant rubbing under full steering lock, particularly when reversing. I was surprised to find so little information on this at PP, but now understand that this is because this is illegal in some countries and rubbing will be less of an issue in combination with a lift and no issue at all with an aftermarket bull bar. Solving the clearance issues was very easy and should not withhold anybody of going for the same offset rims without a lift and with stock bumper.


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              My take on tyre mods (if aiming for clearance through larger diameter) is to go with the biggest diameter and not necessarily to go wider (although sometimes you have to go wider due to size limitations).

              Then the next decision to make is the rim offset. Sure pushing the rim way out wide looks great and all but you get issues with scrubbing on the outer edges of the tyre. Add to that there will be greater loads on the bearings and when a spinning wheel hits the ground, there is also greater loads transmitted to the driveline. So the best choice in offset is to go enough so that the inside of the tyre clears the suspension and chassis.

              Back to the width, there are articles on the net which shoes the theory that for the same overall diameter tyre, the one that is narrower will perform better offroad than the one that is wider.
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                AMTS, you are a great source of inspiration and knowledge, so I have no intentions of going against your vast experience on this. I understand that skinny tires have benefits for instance in the sand when they more easily cut through the loose stuff to reach more solid ground. Also, they will likely cause less rolling over accidents in the event of an emergency. To name but two advantages. I choose to keep the same tire width as stock according to size specs, but in practice my tires are very square and thus much wider. On the rims, I understand the disadvantages of wider rims now better than before. The interesting things is that my rims are offered standard on some showroom versions of the 5th gen 4runner (based on Prado 150) and FJ Cruiser in the US and are presented as available for 4th gen 4runners (Prado 120). I don't think they have different wheel bearings or drive lines compared to 'our Prado's', so they are considered safe according to Toyota US standards.. I guess it's a matter of tradeoffs and preferences. I am sure reliability is critical over anything else in Aussie compared to the US style of off roading.


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