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Tyres for towing and light off-road

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  • Tyres for towing and light off-road

    Hi, been lurking here and all things working out, I'm about to buy a 120 series Prado from a dealer and officially join the community! It needs new tyres, and I've got the option to have the dealer fit OEM's (Dunlop Grandtrek AT20), or can get them to discount by $1200 and I'll sort out my own tyres.

    We're getting the vehicle to tow a yet to be acquired caravan, and some light off-roading. The Dunlops seem to have a pretty subdued tread pattern, and seem to be road-focused... So probably less noisy, but I've also read some unflattering reviews re: wet handling.

    Plenty of tyres like the Bridgestone Duelers A/T 697 and others to handle both towing and possibly more capable off-roading? Wondering if I'm silly for looking at this given the time it'll likely spend on-road, and if I should just let the dealer put Grandtreks on?

    Anyone have experience with the Dunlops, Duelers, or other recommendations?

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    Dont fit grand treks. They are worthy of their nick name " Grand Craps " they wear quickly, very average off road.
    Fit duelers AT 697's. I got over 80k Km's out of last set of 697's and fitted them again. If tyres on car are still legal wait until Bridgstone have a 3 for 4 deal or shop around. Can get good prices on them if you look. should easily have change from $1200. Good off road and quiet on road. Tyre fitter will tell you but run the 697's at 38 psi and they will last.


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      Another excellent choice is Toyo - Open Country A/T and agree run at 38psi for road duties.
      In my job i am on farms across the state in WA all the time and notice how popular these tyes have become with rural based farmers 4wd vehicles. I get a dual cab 4wd Hi-lux provided as a work vehicle which has Bridgestones but my own 2 x Prado's when the tyres are due to be changed will be giving these a shot fur sure due to constant good wrap and also one of my work mates based down in Kulin has them on his work Prado 150 and also does tons of kms on road & gravel and i notice they are quiet on the road and he swears by them


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        Micky T's ATZs here run at 38psi. no issues


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          Thanks for the feedback, all. Looked up the ones mentioned, and the Bridgestone's seem to be the best deal at the moment. Looks like I can get 5 within the budget. Toyos are a little more expensive, but looked good, as well.

          Appreciate the advice!


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            Very happy with the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 so far. Bob Jane had a buy 3 get 4th free which made it $185ea.
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