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    Ok probably been done to death but things change regularly with tyres so thought I'd ask it fresh.

    Needing to replace the Toyo open country a/t that came on our 120 Grande. They have significant sidewall damage and one tyre had randomly worn significantly on outer edge (rotated fronts to rear and the current front hasn't worn‍♂️), had it for 12 months before it wore and swapped tyre not wearing.

    Anyway, planning a solo 5 week trip from SA to Cairns and back next year so looking at something decent. I put Cooper at3's on my 80 series which have almost hit 100k and at 80% worn we did a 5000km trip to Ayres Rock, so considering them again but open to paying for bfg or Mickey Thompson of they are better.

    We have 6 rims to rubber but happy to leave 1 for a few months or until just before we go

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    After dailying a set of KM2 Muddys for the past year and a half I finally decided to pull the trigger on a set of those Kenda Klever R/T's people have been going on about for months now, and I have to say, I was not disappointed. (R/T tyres are a hybrid, 50/50 all-terrain and mud tyre.)

    On-road performance and drivability has increased tenfold, the drive is so much smoother, cornering doesn't feel as harsh, and the road noise is almost non-existent.

    Haven't had a chance to test their off-road performance, which is probably where it matters the most, but so far, for $285 a tyre, not too bloody bad, highly recommend.


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      Swapped all ours over to Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Chunky looking tyre, but super quiet on hwy, nice meaty sidewall biters. Far superior to Mickey Thompson that I ran religiously before. BFG are just crap. Wouldn't ever touch those shit things. Too hard to balance them. shit wearing. etc. Personally I'd go as far as saying Nitto Ridge grapplers have been the best tyre I've ever driven on. Just gone onto my 3rd set. Close to 100k kms out of each.


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