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Securing rear drawers

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  • Securing rear drawers

    Hi all
    I'm wanting to build my own drawer system to put behind the rear seat of my SX. For those who have done or know about these things ... what's the best way to secure the drawers in the back? Should I follow the Drifta method and use turnbuckles onto the tie downs and the rear seat belt bolts or is there another way?


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    I have the Drifta drawers in my 120 and the turnbuckles secure the drawer system well. I can remove my drawer system in 10 minutes when required with the unwinding of the 2 turnbuckles, pull the drawers out and unscrew the 2 bolts in the back of the carcass that secure it to the floor. I have replaced these bolts with countersunk allen keyed bolts which make it easier to remove with a stubby battery drill I have.
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      Thanks for that craigm. It looks like the Drifta 3door solution has turnbuckles onto the rear seatbelt bolts as well as the front tie downs. I might go down that path and make up some brackets that fit under the seatbelt bolt.


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        Some photo's of your fitout would help here too. I have a shorty I would like to put drawers into as well.



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          I finally worked out how to do it - here's a couple of photos.
          hope I can add the photos properly
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