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Prado ZR upgrade stereo help

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  • Prado ZR upgrade stereo help

    Hi I have a 2012 ZR or Kakadu model Prado I want to upgrade my audio system where in Melbourne where I can go and get an upgrade with no hassle stereo system I want to upgrade to a Kenwood I do not care about the side Cameras or the front camera so anybody in Melbourne help me the big great somehow the audio amplifier and a GPS system the navigation system does not talk cause I don't know ........ cheers so it would be great I live in North Melbourne I don't care where I go if I can get some answers and a new great sound system Cheers

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    Hey mate,

    You need to purchase this to turn on the factory amplifier.

    You will also need replace the factory reverse camera or splice into the factory harness.


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      Not sure how you went as it's been a while, I have the same vehicle and was thinking of doing the same thing until I changed the tyre size. I had a look through the head unit and in the maintenance section I found I calibration setting for new tyre size. My speedo now runs perfect, without this I would have been around 9kmph out. I don't know but I would hate to loose this option by changing the head unit.