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Accesories compatibility with SWB

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  • Accesories compatibility with SWB

    Hi guys first of all thank you for all the topics, they were (and still are) very helpful.

    I own a 2011 150 SWB, not a common model here in south America, specially in Chile, so my question is: are there accesories (like bullbars, suspension kits, etc) from other models that are compatible to the 150 Swb?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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    hi mate, I have a 2013 150 series SWB D4D, I have ARB bullbar, ARB recovery point, OME suspension with 2" lift.
    From my understanding the front of the vehicle is exactly the same as the five door, so any model / brand bullbar that fits the 150 series will fit the SWB also.
    With suspension, I guess the spring rate in the rear will need to be considered, so it isn't too harsh (as the SWB is lighter than the five door).
    Wheel size is same as five door, so you have heaps of choices re: ATR's, i have a toyota towbar, but I am sure there are other brands that would fit.

    What other accessories are you looking at ?


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      Donít quote me but Iím pretty sure majority of the accessories will fit, think suspension might be diffrent though ??


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        thanks Simong and Gurilla for your answers, both five and three door are not common here so not many accesories suppliers, I mean, what about between the 120 and the 150? for example, ARB J120 recovery points can be installed in the J150?