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Prado ZR meets hail storm

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  • Prado ZR meets hail storm

    Hi everyone,

    My 2010 Prado ZR got hit hard during the Canberra hail storm a couple of weeks ago - on the roof and drivers side.

    The damage was roof, bonnet, drivers side front quarter panel and rear body behind driver door and a cracked windscreen. Also has a cracked rear drivers side brake light.

    The insurance company says they are going to cut the roof off and replace it, as well as the rear side of the car behind the driver door.

    I thought I'd share some photos of the car now prior to it being repaired.

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    Take the roof off? Are you pulling my leg?
    When the wifes car got hail damage the insurance co sent it to a hail damage specialist who pushed out all the dents. A perfect job.


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      That's what I thought. The insurance assessor said it's likely too much labour, so they prefer to swap it out unless they can't get a replacement from Toyota and then they'll beat it out. I don't care how they fix it.


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        My 95 series got hammered a couple of years ago as I watched in horror. Company called Erazordent removed every dent to perfection. There were some that I was sure they would never be able to remove, but I was wrong.
        They travel the world doing this so they’re good at it. Jim


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          What the actual ****! Cutting the roof and replacing it? What are the chances of getting a new roof?
          Anyway - my condolences for the shorty - wouldn't be the same regardless afterward
          2013 ZR in Crystal Pearl With Bits From ARB Catalogue.


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