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    Has anyone with a shorty had an engine failure? I have not seen or heard of a piston crack in one yet. Is this because there are fewer of these around or because they are smaller and lighter than the five door therefore the engine being less stressed? I'm interested to hear anyone stories.

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    I have a 2011 SX (from new) with just over 120,ooo klms on it of which about 25% is towing a caravan and have had now issues at all.
    2011 Prado 150 SX T/D Auto - Glacier White, with many extras.
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      2013 SX here with 110k on the clock. No issues.
      Also towing a van and busy fitting a transmission cooler after getting a OBD2 scan gauge and saw what the ATF temps can reach when towing. Just want to look after this baby as well as possible.


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        What brand is your scanner? Mine does not show trans temps.


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          Kubes222, I got the OBD2 scan tool from It just plugs into the receptor under the steering. Google it. And then you download the Car Scanner from your app store. It's all explained on their website. Just make sure you get the correct scanner. It's pretty simple.
          I got the transmission cooler from Kaon and made an appointment to have it installed next week. Fetched the caravan this afternoon and checked the ATF after I selected another version of the ATF on the app and now the temp stays very low! Wonder if I didn't use the wrong version (V12) previously. I'm now using the last version that shows the ATF temp (V14). Not sure if I should install the ATF cooler now. Won't do any harm though. I'll see what happens tomorrow when I tow the caravan over the mountain. Selecting S4 brings the temp down compared to Auto.


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            Just an update for those following. After installing the ATF cooler the ATF temp dropped by over 10 deg and now running lower than the engine temp (about 73-78deg)


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