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Replacing 150 series CD player

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  • Replacing 150 series CD player

    Hi everyone. I have a 150 series Prado, with a standard CD/MP3/USB/radio head deck (no steering wheel controls). I want to replace it with a new Pioneer DVD head deck. Just wondering if anyone has done this before, and if there's anything out of the ordinary I should expect before I rip the old one out. I don't want to mess with the wiring so I'm hoping to get some kind of ISO to pioneer lead that will plug straight in.

    2009 150series GX 3.0L D4D Prado

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    something similar
    2011 VX T/D auto pearl white, 3" exhaust and [COLOR="#FF0000"]CHIP IT [/COLOR]module and Auber EGT gauge. Daul battery fitted cig and engel plug in cargo area and charge wires run for the camper. Dual DVD headrests and Extinx GPS/DVD unit. ScangaugeII.


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      Thanks. Does not really give me the info I'm looking for though... Guess I will just pull out the old one this wknd and see how I go!
      2009 150series GX 3.0L D4D Prado


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        i just installed a dig_options unit in my 150 gxl

        im not sure what type of plug your unit will have but here is a pic of the back of the unit I removed

        back -

        front -

        there are 5 plugs in the back and 2 ant plugs, mine has the steering wheel controls and the little lcd screen for the reverse cam and trip info.
        it should be pretty easy to wire the new deck in, the wire colors should be pretty much the same as the new unit.
        im not sure why it has so many plugs in the back of the factory unit but when I installed the dig options one it only used 3 of the plugs, power, speakers, steering controls.

        if you have a reverse cam in your prado you can tap into the camera feed on the plug that goes to the little lcd screen and the 12v+ trip wire there are some guides on the wiring for that on this forum but the colors might be different as mine did not match the ones on the forum mine were red and black for the rca(video) and brown for the 12v+ trip wire

        here are some pics of the dash when I removed the factory unit and when it was all finished

        hope this helps in some way
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        2010 Prado 150


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          Thanks Stooged,

          In the end it was actually pretty simple... as you said, there were a whole bunch of wires there which I don't know what they do and it seems they are not required.. The dash all pulls apart very easily - held together will clips.

          The Pioneer head unit I used fitted in perfectly in the existing brackets and all the dash clipped back in position happily. There were gaps around the side of the head unit, but you can buy little Toyota facia/side trims on ebay for a few dollars to fix that.

          I wasted a fair bit of time trying to find the correct wiring diagram for my exact model, but In the end I managed to find one that was almost exactly the same.. (I think 1 or 2 of the pin locations were different on the diagram, but the wire colours were the same)

          wiring diagram:
          Click image for larger version

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          I just matched up the colours (as indicated in the attached diagram), used the wires I needed, and taped up and tucked away the wires that were not required (and there were quite a few of them).

          The end result is I am very happy with the sound quality. HEAPS better than the standard head unit. The standard speakers are pretty awesome so I don't think a speaker upgrade will be necessary. Maybe some splits in the back would be nice. But up front sounds good.

          Still yet to hook up the reversing camera! can't really be bothered atm lol. Will get around to it one day.

          Hope this might be of some help to someone.
          2009 150series GX 3.0L D4D Prado


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