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150 Tow Bar options that look good.

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  • 150 Tow Bar options that look good.

    I've been contemplating upgrading my 2009 120 GXL for a new 150.

    My only reservation is the aesthetics of the factory tow bar and all the other tow bar options I've seen.

    With my 120 the tow bar fits neatly up behind the rear
    bumper. With the 150 they all seem to hang down and look like c**p. (as well as reducing departure angle)

    Can anyone point me to a nice looking neat aftermarket tow bar for the 150?


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    If in SE Qld, Wynnum towbars
    New 2015 150s GX 5 seater with floor mats, towbar and a big wish list
    Previously a 2004 120s 1KZ GX silver manual with stuff
    before that a 1996 RV6 90S with lots of gear


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      Left field suggestion but if you're taking it off road and adding bull bars, sliders etc in the future consider a kaymar rear bar. It has an integrated tow bar and you can install the rear bar without the swing arms for tires/jerry cans and leave the spare on the door. About 3* the cost of a standard tow bar though! If you don't go off road and you don't need the rear protection then it's very much overkill.


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        I have one of the early Hayman Reese tow bars for my 150 which attached behind the rear bumper only similar to 120. Check to see if they still do those or maybe check ebay if some one has up dated theirs.


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          Thats the only thing holding you back... Really? ?


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            Originally posted by GEEEXL View Post
            Thats the only thing holding you back... Really? ?
            Yep it is. I know it's anal but I've got severe OCDs and the aesthetics would really bother me.
            It got to the point where I nearly pulled the trigger on a Fortuner. Despite the stunningly ugly hump at the C pillar at least the tow bar is hidden. Luckily I saw sense and stopped myself in time.
            I might have to look at a used 200 series if I can't sort the tow bar problem.
            I'll try to get a look at the Hayman Reese that sits up behind the bumper as RTH67 mentioned. My concern is it could be restricted to 2.5 tonne towing capacity if it is designed for the early 150s.


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              It is rated to 3000kg so as to cover the 3 door prado at the time.


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                Originally posted by RTH67 View Post
                It is rated to 3000kg so as to cover the 3 door prado at the time.
                You bewdy. That's what I'm looking for.
                I'll check them out.


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                  Unfortunately Hayman Reese replied to my email to say the hidden towbar is superseded. The Wynnum version looks like it's only rated to 2.5T.

                  Still looking.