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Recovery Points for front of Prado

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  • Recovery Points for front of Prado

    Hi there,
    new on the site. Wanted to reach out and see if anyone has installed front recovery points from Road safe 4wd - RP-PRA150? I have a 2010 Prado GLX with an ARB bull bar. If anyone has this installed would be great to hear from you.

    Also wanted to find out where to get internal covers/guards for the inside of the front wheel wells? they cover the gap into the engine bay - can attach photos if anyone is keen to assist.

    many thanks

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    Re. the covers. Find a Prado in a car park. Photograph the covers in Question. Go to Bunnings and get some rubber, rubber floor mats etc. Cut to size according to your photos. They attach with the usual plastic bits available at Repco etc or use silicon. Cheap and easy. Re the roadsafe recovery points I have fitted them to my 150 with an Ironman bar. I assume the ARB will be similar. There will be a bit of fiddling and packing to get them to set well. There is a thread on here somewhere. The recovery points come with nuts attached to a bit of wire to allow you to get them inside the chassis rails through the various holes.


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      Hi mate
      i have an arb bar and road safe points. The arb (and dobinsons) bars are both braced back to the chassis towards the fire wall and the road safe points bascially follow that brace, picking up the lower front bolt and the bolt that mounts to the chassis via a captive nut and welded plate. When the bar was Installed I fed the bull bar mounting nut through the chassis from the rectangle slot in the chassis so when I fitted the points later I could remove the old captive nut and replace without dropping one into the chassis. When arb install the bar, they will feed the captive nut in from the front of the chassis. Your problem now is to use a coat hanger to hock the unused nut out once your new points are installed. From experience it can be done but it’s not fun
      you will also need to grind a small piece of the rock guard out for the points to fit in.
      Easy nights job after work


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        Also. Those guards can be order on eBay for about $40 a pair


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          Awesome advice everyone. Appreciated.


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