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2011 Prado VX in need of recover point

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  • 2011 Prado VX in need of recover point

    Hi all, picked up my new toy last week now looking at slowly building it up.

    2011 Vx Prado.

    Was hoping someone can suggest some rated recover points that would fit with the bar. If any more details are needed let us know.

    Thanks for the time
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    Congrats on the new toy

    The roadsafe recovery points fit well with a t13 bar. Do a search on ebay for "prado 150 roadsafe recovery points" and you'll find a bunch of sellers with them for ~$130 the pair.

    It's a bit fiddly to install them after the bar is fitted, but possible to do without removing the bar. You need to undo one of the TJM bolts and let the backing plate swing away to make room - see here for instructions:

    There's some more pics of an install in my build thread (using BOSS recovery points, not roadsafe, but the fit is the same):

    Hope that helps!


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      Thanks for the advice, have picked up the recover points as suggested and will hopefully fit them this weekend.


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        All done and installed, moving on to next project.
        Did have issue with the driver side. Weld stopping it from sitting flush. Used a washers to build it out.


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          Glad you got them in. Spacing them with a washer is pretty common.