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  • Rear Door Trim Removal 150

    Trying to install a rear facing reversing camera into a 2018 Prado.

    I am having difficulty in removing the trim on the rear door so I can run the wire for the camera.
    I am planning on running it through the rubber grommet that links the rear door to the vehicle for the cable, but I cannot remove the trim. I have removed the screws in the door holding the trim but is there any tips or secrets in removing the door trim?

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    I recently did that OP.
    I started with the top centre section. The horizontal one.
    It's clipped in.
    Note that it is 'stiff' and requires significant force to remove it. It comes out straight. There are no screws or anything to remove on this panel.
    There is definitely a risk that you will break a clip! Proceed with caution.
    I used a tool to get a gap big enough for my fingers and carefully, but forcefully pulled it toward me.

    From there you can remove the vertical panel nearest the rubber grommet.
    The clips are different in this one. It's easier to remove (still some force).
    When I removed this one, there are little white piggy back clips which in my case stayed in the metal door frame. You'll need to CAREFULLY grab them - without pushing, as you'll lose one into the door skin if you push them.
    If you pull them out, they go back on the panel piece before you push it back into place.

    I didn't remove the large panel with the tool kit etc... couldn't be bothered.
    I used a flexi wire and fed that from the top down to the grommet. From there I just taped the power cable to the wire and gently pulled it up through the door skin.

    Once I was done I also stuck my finger in the holes, and placed some tape on the wire wherever i could. I didn't want it to rattle.

    Good luck.. be careful!



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      Sorry, this really should have been rear facing dash cam