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Removing windscreen trim 2016

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  • Removing windscreen trim 2016

    Seeking advice/photos of how ro remove windscreen trim to enable running power and coax cable up to roof?

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    I have been looking for details about this for a while to no avail, so this morning I decided to have a go.

    I tried pulling at the trim on the side of the windscreen (pulling it to the side with my fingers in the channel that runs down the windscreen side of the trim).

    I pulled at it and it seemed to want to give, so I pulled at it some more. The good news: the trim came away easy. The bad news: one half of the retention clips came way with the trim and the rest stayed attached to the windscreen.

    Before I took off the trim it looked like there was a good amount of room underneath but once the trim was off I could see that most of the space is taken up by the retention clips. I think there is enough space to run two thin (1.25mm2) wires but not much more, i.e. no coax ;-(. There is actually more room to run cable in the channel in the trim itself.
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      The trim reseats itself quite well so it will be able to be fixed back into place with some silicone.


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        Photos ...


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          I managed to run twin 1.85mm2 cables in 3mm braid underneath the trim before I reattached it with some silicone. It seats well. Then another two 1.85mm2, 3mm braided wires run in the small channel on the window side of the trim.

          I needed to run three sets of cables so needed to remove the trim. If I was only running two sets I would leave the trim where it was as removing and resetting it was a bit of a PIA.
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