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Exterior Mirror and Colour Trim replacement

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  • Exterior Mirror and Colour Trim replacement

    This is a long post. The Drivers door exterior mirror has been playing up for years. Every time I start the car the mirror folds out at 45deg. Due to the cost of replacement I have just kept pulling it back in. It finally became so loose it flapped in the breeze. I bought a replacement mirror for $240 but it’s only in black. So I decided I would remove the existing silver mirror back and put it on the new one.

    replacing the mirror on the car was a half hour job made easy by following the Clearview mirror video. So no need to go into that now.

    Before taking off the old mirror I decided to remove the colour back. It was at a workable height on the car and solidly mounted. Before I started I folded the mirrors in so I could get good access to all of its rear. I used a small plastic pry bar starting at the bottom right hand corner.

    1st Worry. I could break the mirror back in the removal process. Solution paint the new mirror back silver. No need to worry. After some time of gently probing and pulling the back came off intact. See photos.

    2nd Worry. What happens if the old back doesn’t fit on the new mirror. Solution let’s see what happens. I then put the new mirror on the car and followed the same process, wiser now, to remove its back. All good. The old back has exactly the same fittings as the new mirror. So it went straight on.

    job done all works well.

    I was curious to see if I could discover the cause of the fault in the old mirror. Nothing discovered apart from everything seemed to work perfectly from a mechanical point of view. I pretty much broke the electrics pulling the mirror apart. See photo.

    cheers John