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Is your new Prado dented? Seems so...

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  • Is your new Prado dented? Seems so...

    Hallo PradoPointers,

    I own a new 2020 GXL, with spare wheel on the rear door. I removed the standard plastic cover assembly yesterday and noticed 4 decent size dents in the bodywork.

    These dents are semi hidden by the stock wheel cover, but visible if you know where to look. Remove this cover and it is then in plain sight and an eye sore. :-/

    I stopped by Toyota and check other new cars at the dealer, and guess what, they all have it.

    Do you have the same issue?

  • #2
    My 2014 Prado is the same. I stand to be corrected, but I think that it where the internal reinforcing is attached to the door skin so that the spare tyre does not bend the back door skin.


    • #3
      Ditto my Jan 2017 GX. I'm with mal58 on this one: probably spot weld impressions associated with internal reinforcing. They're just too neat and regular in those locations for accidental damage..


      • #4
        My 2019 is the same


        • #5
          I had a look at a few more 150 Prados, and yes, all the same. Disappointing to say the least.


          • #6
            Did you do anything about it? My 2021 is the same and it stands out a lot. Rather annoying


            • #7
              It seems all 150 Prados with their spare tyre mounted on the rear door have those little dents.

              I find the dents that happen to the doors when in car parks more annoying.


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