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Budget upgrade on 2012 Prado 150 - DBA ?

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  • Budget upgrade on 2012 Prado 150 - DBA ?

    Hi all

    Car is due for a brake pad change according to the dealer.

    I'm thinking maybe i should try to get something more decent and probably pay half of the price comparing to what the dealer is offering.

    Maybe nice slotted DBA kangaroo paw style and a set of Bendix pad? Not sure if they even exist but it's what i have on my mind at the moment.

    So the question is has anyone upgrade their 150's brake, if so, what's your recommendation?

    Thank you very much

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    As you thought DBA T 2 rotors and bendix 4x4 pads. Best bang for buck.


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      What's the rough cost for changing out the factory discs and a new set of pads at the same time?

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        Depends where you buy them from.. I get mine wholesale so priced won't count.

        If dealer has said it's time , I'd be popping a wheel and checking for myself.
        I know when Toyota looked at mine. I went another year before replacing pads as they weren't even 50% worn.


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          Thanks for the advise, will look into DBA & Bendix now.


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            You will find certain sellers on Ebay sell DBA rotors at pretty well wholesale pricing.


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              3 services ago, my Toyota dealer measured rear brakes at 3 & 4 mm. Said it was getting close to needing new pads.
              Not long after, got new tyres all round and asked tyre dealer to check and said that front and rear was all 5mm and no pad change needed. Looked at it with him when he did it.

              Next service with Toyota, the 3mm & 4mm had grown to 6mm and 5 mm on rear, 5's on front.
              Asked how my brakes had grown back!
              Supervisor goes back and checks, 5mm all around, many apologies.

              Next service, the rears have grown to 7mm and asked WTF is going on.
              Supervisor goes back out to check and they are at 5mm ( also confirmed by tyre dealer who had just done tyre rotations and got him to check again).
              Embarrassment all around!

              Also said how come my tyre tread depths are 10mm when my Toyo AT II's have only done 10,000 kms and are rated new as 12.9mm and me and tyre dealer measured them as hardly having any wear and were all 12.5 plus!
              Check and embarrassment again.

              Dealer seems to be ok doing mechanical stuff and has been honest about things needing attention ( and all covered by wArranty) but I wouldn't be trusting dealers on brakes and tyres after my experience. Guess they don't think it's a big deal as most customers aren't dedicated Pradopointers who take an interest in their vehicles unlike the regular poor joes with Camrys and Corollas.

              Brakes are too important, get a proper check done and don't trust the dealer. I've just done 60,000 km from new and still on original set of pads. I know it's getting close but it's why I'm watching wear like a hawk.
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                Originally posted by Piratepete View Post
                3 services ago, my Toyota dealer measured rear brakes at 3 & 4 mm. Said it was getting close to needing new pads.
                yeah mate same thing happened to me once. this absolute clown of a mobile roadworthy mechanic from Gympie said the pads were down to 2mm and suggested the car not be driven. I thought OK they are just pads so removed wheels for replacement and pads were at 5mm. the twit was measuring the dust cover not the pads.


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                  Budget upgrade on 2012 Prado 150 - DBA ?

                  I have fitted DBA slotted rotors all round to two vehicles now and have been happy with both. There was an improvement, but this was due more to the fact that I changed to a higher performance brake pad (QFM) from original, and flushed / replaced all fluids ect at the same time. (But hey, if nothing else, the slotted rotors look good).


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                    Was looking at the DBA to recently and Brakes direct was very helpful to reply to all my email etc..
                    This is what I've recieved from them.

                    - The pads I would match with the T2 slotted rotors, if it is just purely a town car, would be the QFM HPX pads. Or if you are doing a lot of towing, I would recommend the QFM A1RM pads. These are usually marketed as our street and track cross over pad designed for anyone wanting to do track work in their everyday car, however these also work really well in big heavy 4WD applications and towing applications. They’re rated to 780 degrees, bite from dead cold, and are very good on rotor wear.

                    You can place an order directly through the link provided, or give us a call to place the order over the phone on 1300 724 943. Freight is free Australia wide.

                    If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.