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ABS not working but no lights, codes reset

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  • ABS not working but no lights, codes reset

    Hey guys

    I had a front left collision a couple of years ago, all repaired (no lights on dash)

    After a few years of trying on and off to get techstream working, finally up and running and have a couple of codes for that wheel's ABS sensor - codes cleared and haven't come back.

    Tested ABS (gravel road) and nothing, she locks up every time. Re-scanned and no faults up on TS.

    Anyone had similar experience or have any info that might help, short of a trip to the stealership?


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    Hmmm, may be today is not ur day)


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      ABS on gravel can be tricky, test on the road also just to be sure.

      Your options are limited if it's not throwing codes. Where did you have the car repaired? Does the ABS light show up on the dash at startup (to rule out failed globe/tampering by repairer?)

      You can grab a multimeter and test for voltage at the wheel speed sensor and ABS module, but if they were not seeing voltage you should have a dash light which is why I suggest checking the light first.

      You don't have to go to a dealership either, most brake places can do redumentary ABS system checking. Tyre shops also as well as your local independent mechanic.

      Especially if the tech stream says no codes now.