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    Hi Joffy , did you have any luck with this , i am in the exact same situation but dont want to pay $1600 for a replacement unit. Toyota said its not a common problem by all the forums suggest otherwise. i found this on Carsguide with the same complaints from many people surely Toyota m
    ust take notice of these complaints


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      Has anyone had any success with this? Mine is a 2014 and just started doing it a few weeks ago...


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        Hey Jboy, My 2014 GXL did the started the dreaded reboot screen a few weeks ago. Obviously out of warranty, took it to Toyota to see if they could fix it with firmware update. Reported it to be an internal fault and would need a replacement. Quoted me $1,100 for a refurbished unit replacement. I stated that this was not acceptable and requested that they put an out of warranty claim in for me to Toyota head office. The dealer said it would most likely not get approved. Too my surprise they have approved the out of warranty claim and the dealership have now ordered the part and will supply and fit it for free. So maybe go talk to your closest toyota dealer and see what they can do. Otherwise I was close to getting a DigOptions unit or a Chinese unit.
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          This started happening to me yesterday. Constant reboots and disconnecting the battery does nothing.

          It was my understanding that a reversing camera was a legal requirement for 4wd after a certain build date due to the number of deaths from people reversing over kids etc. Assuming this is true, this now technically makes my car illegal?? Surely that's a reason enough for these faults to be classed as a recall?



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            Gutted to find this thread! Was driving my 2014 GLX 75000kms on a long gravel road today to get the blue screen, reboot screen, then Toyota logo and dead. Started the car a few hours later and loaded ok, but then repeated the sequence to dead again.

            I thought the corrugations might have caused a power issue, but then if that was the case, it would just die instantly I would have thought.

            My firmware was updated to the latest a month ago. I bought the car second hand from a Hyundai dealer, should I take it back there or to Toyota?


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              Newby here! Thanks for having me. I changed a failing battery yesterday and I too now have the constantly rebooting screen on my 2014 GXL. First time something as dumb as this has happened to me after owning 5 Toyota 4WD’s, the last three being Prados! Surely this isn’t cause for replacement of the whole head unit! Sounds like a cop out by Toyota here....


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                Happened today.
                2014 GXL Facelift.
                I knew it was coming. Reverse camera was staying on for longer and longer after Drive was selected.
                I see above that Ausbass had some luck with Toyota Australia. I'll give it a shot.
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                  Got mine replaced today for $0.00, (5yrs, 10months after initial purchase).
                  Good outcome, but it was no more of an outcome than I was entitled to under Australian Consumer Law (ACL).
                  For those stuck with an MY14 Toyota with a failed audio unit displaying the perpetual rebooting screen here are my research notes that may help you out:
                  • The unit was built by Fujitsu –Ten that has since been absorbed by the Denso group;
                  • There appears to be many reported failings from around the World, all with the same symptoms of the “continuous reboot screen”;
                  • There is a lot of talk about this online, particularly on North American Rav4 and Corolla forums from 2015 onwards;
                  • The defect is a hardware issue, potentially a “defective CPU on the circuit-board”;
                  • The defect is known to Toyota Australia and they are replacing them outside of the warranty period;
                  • Toyota are replacing them outside of the warranty period because they are good guys/girls….NOT!!!
                  • Toyota are replacing them because they fail the “acceptable quality” guarantee provided to Australian consumers under the ACL. It is what the Law compels them to do!
                  • The remedy of a minor failure under the ACL MUST be provided free of charge, and within a reasonable time-frame;
                  • Guidelines warn dealers not to use terms like “goodwill” when referring to fixing these problems outside of warranty because that is implying that you DO NOT have rights under the Law and it is illegal for them to suggest this to you;
                  • The problem with these MY14 audio units has proven to be so widespread that you could make the case that each, and every, unit imported by TMCA, and sold by the dealers, suffers the same latent defect;
                  • How long it takes this defect to become apparent may not be relevant under ACL if you can make the case that the vehicle was imported/sold with the defect;
                  • If you are reading this in 2025 and your MY14 Toyota audio unit has just failed with the continuous reboot screen then this is not a matter of chance, this is the surfacing of a latent defect that has been carried by your audio unit for over a decade; Take action, seek your remedy!
                  • Not applicable to me, but from what I can see the ACL consumer guarantee protects subsequent owners, not merely first owners (unless the vehicle is purchased at auction);

                  When you talk to your dealer don’t pussy-foot around. You’ve done your research, you know the issue, you know your ACL rights.

                  It may go something like this:
                  PP: “Hi, I’d like to submit a warranty claim with Toyota Australia”
                  Dealer: ”No problem sir……... err actually, it looks like you are outside of your warranty period”
                  PP: ”Yes I know that. To be more specific, I would like to seek a remedy under the consumer guarantee provisions of the Australian Consumer Law, through Toyota's warranty claim system”.
                  Dealer: “OK, what is the issue?”
                  PP: “My MY14 Prado audio unit in a continuous reboot loop”
                  Dealer: “yes, understand…..we’ll contact TMCA and get back to you”
                  {1 week later}
                  Dealer: ”Hi Toyota have agreed to supply a new unit free of charge, we will require $50 to fit it you, would you like us to order the unit?”
                  PP: ”Yes order the unit please, but since this work constitutes a remedy under the ACL it MUST be provided completely free of charge. That is what I would like to happen”
                  Dealer: “Oh, I’ll have to talk to my manager……..Hi there, we will install the unit free of charge, see you next week”
                  PP: “Thank-you”

                  Please post if you have a win!


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                    Hey guys, update from me. Seems my unit went dead due to bad rear connection. If I go over a considerable bump the head unit either turns off or restarts. After I observed this, I can pretty much make it die or restart by going over a speed bump. So that’s mine solved.

                    I’m completely underwhelmed with the functionality of the stock unit anyway so am looking for an upgrade. I find it really hard to see the screen, particularly when reversing.

                    Keen for any suggestions, hoping for navigation and better iPhone functionality eg carplay