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Camera monitor repair Prado 150 VX

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  • Camera monitor repair Prado 150 VX


    I have a 2012 Prado 150 VX and the reverse monitor was broken recently. May or may not have been the nose of a surfboard...
    The garage want $2k for a new unit which seems ridiculous.
    I prefer to keep it in original condition, though am open to an upgrade if it is noting too wacky.
    If anyone has had a similar problem or has a suggestion on where parts might sensibly be sourced I am all ears.

    (On another note, it just had the service recall upgrade on the traction control and drives like a new car...! Safer and more fun.)

    Thanks in advance!


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    If you have the option of paying 2k, is it possible to replace the downstairs unit with a great aftermarket unit and use the upstairs as storage or vice-versa?


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      These units are sometimes discarded when fitting an aftermarkets GPS/CD/radio unit. There are their are three options. Put a post on here asking for a the unit as once its has replaced it has little value. Send a PM to those that have discarded their units with this upgrade. Also find out who in your area sells and fits these units and ask if they can obtain one for you.


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        Thank you! sorry for the slow reply. like half a year! I gave up but need to get to the bottom of this now. Cannot believe it is almost a year... So if anyone has or knows of a head unit screen that has been replaced I am interested to buy. I will seek elsewhere, though this is hard as nobody seems to have them.


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          Thanks... IF there is an option that will not look dodgy for selling the car on I am interested. do you have suggestions?


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            by the way... how do I post on here (other than this message) to advertise the requirement? Thanks and sorry for being a newbie


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              Wanted thread.


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                  Thanks Krytox. Much appreciated!

                  Piggy - I do not know if you meant there is a wanted thread, or I just start one? Sorry...!
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