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150 Multiple failures

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  • 150 Multiple failures

    Hi all,
    I purchased a 2013 Prado Altitude 5 weeks ago (from a Toyota dealer) and with 9 km remaining on a 7,500 km road trip the following all failed at once: aircon, windows, rev camera, sunroof, steering wheel controls (RHS only).
    I'm brand spanking new to Prado Point, I haven't been able to locate a similar issue, hence a new thread.
    If anyone has heard of a similar issue I'd love some advice as the Toyota dealer hasn't been much help. They've indicated they'll need the car to investigate further for multiple days and they expect it to be v costly.:-x

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    Is all of that on one relay, or on 2 or 3 adjoining ones? Check the box of relays near the battery or seek the services of an auto sparkie unless it is a warranty job.


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      Thanks Pug, I hadn't thought of heading to an auto elec directly. I'm sure the dealer won't cover it and I don't trust them either.
      I'll check the relay and seek out a spark in SE Melb.


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        Check fuses and relays. You should still be covered under warranty depending on the mileage.
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          Bugger. Your statutory warranty on a used car only lasts for 5000klms or 3 months, whichever comes first. However it is reasonable to expect a 2013 vehicle purchased only 5 weeks ago from a Toyota dealer to not have major faults with the electrics. If they expect you to pay I would be taking the matter to VCAT
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