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Silly question. Can a second battery be removed from a 2nd battery system?

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  • Silly question. Can a second battery be removed from a 2nd battery system?

    Hi all. Looking into setting up a 2015 VX 3.0 for the family, and we have a caravan we use (an old one), as well as an additional Engel fridge. Iíve been reading up on various dual battery applications.
    My question is this - when the car is spending (most) of its time in daily duties about the place, is it possible to somehow remove a heavy spare battery from a dual system? That is, can that ď2ndĒ part of the system be isolated like it doesnít exist, and the battery kept (in good state of charge) in the shed, rather than carting about unnecessary weight when not needed?

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    Battery box sounds more like what you really need, and an Anderson plug (or any type power source) in the rear of the car, to charge that box while driving. Use battery box to power your fridge and other things. Disconnect and put that box away while as you said daily use.
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      My son has a 1220 Redarc bcdc in his hilux and has been running it without the aux battery for ages but only because the battery was leaking... personally, if the aux battery is secured on a battery tray etc Iíd leave it in the car to maintain the charge as the charges should only be charging at float if itís in good condition. If you do remove the battery just make sure the positive wires have the terminals insulated.
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        I have a 2nd battery in a battery box with input via an anderson plug and also solar regulator.
        This battery is for Waeco which sits in back
        When I am not using fridge I simply disconnect the Input anderson plug

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          Thanks guys. Helpful!


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            Mat, if you do decide to put a second battery in the space under the bonnet be aware that there is a limit to the weight of the battery you can use. I had a Piranha battery tray installed in mine and rang Piranha as I had a couple of questions. One thing they did stress was that the tray had a weight limit of 23kg which they said was critical. This was not so much a limit of their tray but the Toyota guard which you risk cracking if you exceed that weight. So they said.


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              Thanks Faulco! Mat