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Recommendation for headunit AV upgrade - Stereo / reversing camera / sat nav

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  • Recommendation for headunit AV upgrade - Stereo / reversing camera / sat nav

    What head units have you installed?

    Looking for any recommendations to bring 1st generation Prado into 21st century.

    Ultimately would like to combine stereo into reversing camera area (add sat nav) and leave the current double din stereo for other things.

    Would love if the stereo has physical button/dial for volume... and a dedicated EQ button to toggle preset EQ settings (or quick link if touch screen).
    CD player and USB/memory card would be great.

    Screen doesn't have to be the largest - 6"+ ?

    Any pointers appreciated

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    It would help if you say what model Prado you have, 95, 120 or 150 series.
    You have posted in the 150 series section of the forum, if you have a 95 series try searching in Electrical ( 90 series) for information
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      Prado 150 2011 GXL


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        If you search for "new head unit arrived" or "another new head unit" you will find many posts. My 150 is 2015 so I am not sure what will fit your car but search on places like Ali Express and you will find something I am sure. I would recommend an Android powered unit then you can run whatever you like on it and fit many extras like tyre pressure, dashcam,etc etc


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          Will do

          Guessing, as long as I get the right connectors, the other main difficulty getting the correct facia... like the Aeropro one

          If the new head unit does the camera, do people worry about relocating the old screen for the trip info etc?
          What am I missing?
          Thinking its a good place for UHF or DIN storage unit


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            My Prado 95 has a Pioneer AVH unit, quite old but still works fine and sound is great even through the stock speakers. When buying a head unit consider your viewing angle to the screen for things like the reversing camera. My older one has a old-school TFT LCD screen which is fine for just song browsing but does not work for the reverse camera very well, you can barely see the picture without putting your head directly in front of it. Would be fine for a car when you're lower and the stereo higher but not a 4WD. I would imagine Pioneer and other makes of head unit have upgraded the display in their AVH series to a better tech now but just bear that in mind if you're browsing.


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              Looking at PC68HGT or similar

              Anyone tried this?


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                I have this same unit in my 120, installed it for same reasons as you have stated.
                I had issues with first unit supplied so it was returned, seems they can be hit and miss qualitywise. My second unit has not missed a beat and I would recommend for the price ($320 from this seller -


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                  Hi Vitelli

                  Thanks for that.
                  Good to know.

                  Did you move the multi function display down below the aircon or put in Din storage unit?

                  Did your fascia accommodate the reverse sensor / park assist little screen and the hazards?


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                      Has anyone used a fascia from altitude model in a gxl model and repurposed the 4 buttons?

                      Is there a pradopoint conversation on this I've missed?


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                        Hi Vitelli

                        Do you find the system starts up quick, and to switch to reverse camera without delay. The standard system is quick as the is no OS to boot up...