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Dual battery, interior panel removal tips

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    Will try get some pics today and post up.


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      Gurilla i have attached a link to imgur with the pics of what I have done. Still needs some conduit and finishing touches but I am waiting on a few parts to finish battery tray install and then the will be cleaned up.

      i have a 50amp CB mounted on Fuse box for power to BCDC and I used 2 in line fuses (50amp) on aux battery as I was running out of time and couldnít work out where to mount the other CBís.

      In rear compartment above jack I mounted the fuse box and that powers the power board I mounted in to the cover to that compartment and an Anderson plug to fridge using 8b&s. I ran 6b&s from aux batt along drivers side trim and under false floor to the fuse box compartment, drilled some holes and used rubber grommets to get cabling in there.

      will try and get cleaner pics after the weekend but am loaded up to go away today straight after work so was a little tight getting pics of the rear for you.


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        Cheers mate appreciate it !

        Im doing pretty much exactly the same setup! The link doesnít work just had the main website ?


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          try that, I am a bit new at posting pics to forums.


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            Thatís awesome mate ! Good work should be proud of your self. Mine will be similar setup Iíll be mounting 2 circuit breakers on the fuse box one for dcdc from main and other cb for rear cargo area for the 6b&s to neaten it up, and I think Iíll mount another cb near the dcdc for the aux battery

            I like that little panel with the switches etc did you make that or do they come made like that? Iíll be using a 6 fuse box in the that area too

            fridge, uhf and lighting will be comming off it might just put a cig point too Just to have Incase


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              Cheers mate, was a fun experience installing it all.

              I have two 50amp fuses (later hopefully CBís) on the aux battery, 1 for the 6b&s to rear and the other for the BCDC charger. Then I have the CB on the main for the BCDC. So if you are doing similar install you should have 3 all up.

              Panel comes that way, a $30ish dollars on eBay from memory. Has a dual USB port, 2x12v plugs and a voltage meter.


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                Got some of the bits and pieces in the mail now..

                i had a look at the bracket.. what was the best way to put the nuts on and tighten ? As itís really tight to attach the second one in between the bracket and air box

                did you mount the dcdc first then do the wiring or was it easier setting wiring etc first before bolting dcdc to car ?

                did you just use butt splice/joiners too ? How is it still with out ignition wire connected still charging fine ?


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                  I mounted the dcdc to the bracket and completed all the wiring extensions connected to it first. Then I removed the air box lid and mounted the dcdc in place.

                  I connected the cabling after that to the main and aux batteries. I crimped all my connections using a hydraulic crimping press I bought on eBay for $50.

                  Went camping for 3 days and without the ignition wire connected everything works perfectly. From what I can see and tell with out that wire connected it takes about 1-2 mins before it starts to charge the aux battery and it continues to charge for about the same time after shutting off the engine. I am no expert my guess is that with the ignition wire connected those things happen instantly. I have also read elsewhere that with the ignition wire connected the main battery cut out voltages are different.

                  hope that helps.


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                    Forgot to add there will be a wire that runs under the dcdc bracket you will need to relocate as it runs between the two bolts.


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                      Yeah I ripped that off last night and pushed it forward

                      Yeah nice cheers ! I have decent crimps I brought to crimp the 6b&s before so should be fine hopefully

                      ok that sounds good do you know if the Projecta acts as a isolator too and isolated both batteries or just keeps running off both untill certain voltage ?


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                        Honestly I know it does isolate as I was parked up for 2 days and had no issues starting and that was charging about 6 peopleís phones and devices and running a 75lt fridge . I believe the voltage at what that occurs is different with the ignition wire connected then it is without. I would have to search for the post on another forum I found that had that info and get back to you.


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                          No issue mate no need to go out of your way for me, youíve already done so much already !


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                            Just found this which explains it better.

                            "Is your Ignition Override cable (blue colour) connected?
                            If yes it will Turn On: >12.2V Turn Off: <11.9V
                            If not the IDC25 will Turn On: >13.4V Turn Off: <12.8V The FJs temperature compensating alternator might get close to 12.8V at the IDC25 input if you have thin wiring and voltage drop on hot days, and it will stop charging.'

                            I am now wondering if all works fine now but come summer there will be issues?

                            I might leave mine as is and see what happens when I get the mid 40's temps where i live in summer and if so connect the ign wire then as I have the piggyback fuse ready to go now. I am worried about the turn off value with it connected as 11.9V wouldnt start the car from what ive read.


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                              Yeah the turn off is very low with the ignition wire, id be worried about starting the car too!

                              Hopefully all is well.. havnt really seen much ok here about if People use the wire or not.. and how it is with out it


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                                Also with the led wire did you just leave it or wrap it up with tape ? And the solar ? Just leave it exposed or cover with tape or hear shrink ?

                                and the battery temp cable did you attach it ? Or cut it ?