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Mounting circuit breakers and accessories

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  • Mounting circuit breakers and accessories

    How are people mounting there circuit breakers and relays in there engine bay?

    are you just using self tappers/tech screws? To hold it to the inside of the engine bay/Guards?

    if so how are you prepping it? Spraying the hole with paint or something to stop rust ? What about the back of the hole where you can reach?

    ill be installing a few things shortly and just want to mount stuff nicely and have it out of the way

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    I try to use existing tapped holes and make a bracket to suit. If that doesnt work I will drill a hole and paint it with zinc rich paint and either use rivnuts or bolts and nuts.

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      I have used existing holes and also used self tappers (tek screws mostly), haven't worried about rust as the screw in the hole covers the bare metal. It probably rusts given enough years.

      Having said that, next time I am going to make a panel to sit by the air filter and put everything in the same spot so will make the panel with mounting holes and then paint it.

      Cheers, Nova


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        I hate drilling into panels for fear of rust. When I did it on my 120 for the dual battery tray install I painted all holes with qick dry touch up paint then put Tectyl on both sides. Never had an issue. On my new car the snorkel installer did a similar thing on the hole they cut for the air pipe and all bolt and screw plug holes.
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          Iím mounting 2 circuit breakers on the fuse box now; and also found a m6 threaded hole I made a L bracket for and going to screw in to that for a 3 cb behind the air box side

          cheers for replies but being a new car I donít want to do any thing that may cause damage in the future