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    Hey guys, Im somewhat mechanically minded and can wire in minor accessories however im no auto elecce scientist so watts, amps, voltage can all be mumbo jumbo to me.

    I am yet to install a dual battery system (a whole other topic) but I am wondering about running my fridge off the 12v socket or 220v in the rear? Any pros/cons for either?

    Bonus question: if im driving for 12-14 hours acday then stop overnight, will the battery power it all night? (Fridge has low voltage cut out) in a general sense, obviously variables are present with temp and opening/closing lid etc etc.

    thankyou very much

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    2013 MY14 prado 3.0, bullbar, uhf, laser light

    I am still working out this topic posting, thanks.


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      You probably Don’t want to be running the fridge off the 220v uses too much juice or just 1 battery for that matter
      I put a full size second battery under the bonnet with a bit of modification to the after market battery tray. Bought a Traxide USI160 isolator which works very well, bumped up the alternator power with HKB diode both these companies have had a presence on PP. That has boosted voltages back up to 14.3 volts. I replaced my starter battery which was under sized, with a Exide Extreme and bought another one as the second battery at the same time. These battery’s can be taken down pretty low without effecting durability as long as you are not doing it constantly they are NOT a proper deep cycle battery. If you are like me when you go camping, going out driving during the day and leave the fridge running in the car at night while you sleep. The 20 or so times I’ve used it like that in about 18 months I’ve had no trouble at all. I could hook up solar if I wanted to but the alternator does a great job in a couple of hours


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        Click image for larger version

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          You could run the fridge off the cig socket in the second row ? Not sure if your model has it ? My 2018 has one

          should power the fridge all day if your driving those hours and set fridge maybe to 0-2c and your food etc should stay pretty cold all night ? Untill you get up and drive again did this when we went camping for a few nights in a old territory and was fine as all the food/ drinks hold the cold and then it’s insulated and over night it shouldn’t be hot either depending where your traveling


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            Fridge will turn off with car sorry if you didn’t get it


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              Just my 2c for alternate solution.
              I was in the same situation last year and after doing list of pro and cons for me - I went to portable lithium battery route.
              Primary concerns for me were the weight and ease of installation. Lithium batteries are light as and I don't need auto electrician to install it. Also, I don't need to carry it all the time. I can just chuck in the back when I need it. Or take it to any other car without any hassle.
              Initially, I was looking at goal zero, but at the end I went to full dometic route, PLB40, mainly lack of DC charger cable availability for goal zero lithium battery. With PLB40, it come with charger cable - so I can charge battery from 12v cig socket while driving.
              I only needed to use the solar blanket once in my vic high country trip, daily drives were enough to keep charge the battery - while connecting to CFX40W, dash cam and charging batteries.
              2013 ZR in Crystal Pearl With Bits From ARB Catalogue.


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                There’s absolutely no problem running the fridge of the stock outlet while the car’s running. But it’s really risky running it off your cranking battery overnight. There will come the time sooner rather than later when your car won’t have enough juice to start the next day. Get a deep cycle wired in. Even if you deplete your cranking battery a bit more than 20% on a few occasions it’ll be damaged and not hold the amps over night to start your car in the morning.
                2005 120 series V6 Grande, 2 inch susp lift (King/EFS combo), 32 inch MT’s, Safari Snorkel, rear diff lock, breathers, Light Force spotlights, UHF, dual batteries.


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