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Main Fuse Panel Prado 2012 GXL

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  • Main Fuse Panel Prado 2012 GXL

    On the engine bay fuse/relay panel there is a fuse and relay for VISCUS. What is it?

    Also there is a towing fuse? Is that the auxiliary supply via the trailer plug?

    I also noticed that my reversing lights didnt work, and found the Backup LP No.2 missing. Replaced it and it worked fine? Do they come this way factory? I am thinking I have never noticed that I have had reversing lights since I have owned it. Perhaps it comes that way factory and if you pay another $500 they activate the reversing lights?

    I assume the Fuel heater and Deicer are something fitted for North America etc.

    Air Suspension not fitted and no fues, but relays all fitted and ready to go

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    Viscous heater? Not often an accessory in Australia though!


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      Reverse lights are standard, more likely someone has blown a fuse and swapped out the reverse light fuse to get out of trouble.

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        wasnt the fuse that was missing, it was the relay. I noted on my son's 2012 that his relay was missing too, although on both vehicles the fuse was there