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2013 GXL 150 series central locking fault

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  • 2013 GXL 150 series central locking fault

    How do you fix central locking issues, started off with front passenger door not working and had to be locked manually, then progressed to both rear doors, drivers door is still working as normal

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    I have some knowledge on the subject, although I have not had to repair something like this. I do know that the driver's door is managed differently to the other doors - that could be why it is the last one standing.

    A few years ago I had the tailgate lock stop working on a 1999 Toyota Camry. I took the car to my local Toyota Service Centre and they diagnosed that the lock motor assembly needed to be replaced. The new one had to come from Japan and would take several weeks to arrive. Oh yes: the diagnosis and repair cost me nearly $400, payable in advance. This was a week or so before Easter. The problem was particularly annoying because the tailgate would unlock but not lock again when we locked the car. Over Easter, I took the tailgate apart and found there was nothing wrong with the lock motor assembly. At some stage of the car's life, the tailgate wiring had been pinched between the hinge and tailgate. I repaired the broken wires myself (two wires had broken). I also got my money back from the Toyota service department but I was far from impressed by their diagnosis (and expressed this fact to the manager). I wonder what would have transpired if they had put the new lock motor in and then found that it still didn't work!

    Back to your Prado. Does an alarm of some sort sound when a door fails to lock or unlock? When the door locking/unlocking power is sent (ie power to the lock motor), the Main Body ECU expects feedback from the door lock to say that it has moved and locked (or unlocked). Separate relays operate the lock and unlock functions. You mention a locking problem. Do your doors unlock with the central locking control?

    If you have reasonable electrical knowledge, you should be able to trace where the fault lies. Ultimately, you might end up going to your local TSC but at least you'll go informed.


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