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  • Canbus issues

    Hi hoping someone can point me in right direction. I have had a reputable installer try and install a set of led driving lights. They have had no luck getting these to work. They have ordered the right wiring looms. When they turn the lights on via the stork a fuse blows each time. Can anyone advise or point me in the right direction of a good auto electrician on Sydney northern beaches

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    What model 150 is it?
    What are the Canbus issues?

    The headlights on Prado 150s after a certain year (with the 1GD engine I think) are sealed units and entirely computer controlled. You will need Toyota's special wiring harness.
    If the ECU is sending fault codes then you either don't have the Toyota wiring harness or its wired incorrectly.

    Outfits like TJM, ARB, OL etc regularly install driving lights on Prado's and should all know the technicalities by now.

    I've installed LED driving lights with Toyota's special wring harness successfully as have others on Pradopoint. I got a few check engine codes (the kind you get when you disconnect the battery) at the end of the job, but they go away after a short drive.


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