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  • Remotes not working

    Hey guys, i gave a 2010 GXL 3L diesel. Last week i went to lock the car after halting only to find the remote would not work. Had to lock it with the key manually. When got back to the car 20 mins later found it would not unlock either. When i manually unlocked it the alarm went off untill i held the remote to the start button. Car wont start without holding remote against the start button either. Have checked both remotes thinking may be battery in that remote. Same with both remotes. Have checked start battery and it is reading 12.6v. Vehicle starts fine once you hold remote against button so seems main battery ok. Any suggestions. Can i re-set the keyless system? cheers, Mick

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    Replace remote batteries. Otherwise try disconnecting battery/s for 30 seconds to see if the can bus is just upset and it resets.


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