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Lithium starter battery, anyone got any experience.

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  • Lithium starter battery, anyone got any experience.

    Hi all, I have been reading about some of the newer lithium stop start batteries, or starter batteries, and some of them are also starter batteries with some component of deep cycle storage, so good for winch usage, etc.

    Does anyone have any experience with these batteries ? They seem to weight around 8kg, where a traditional AGM is around 24kg (for the same or less capacity).

    They are more expensive, but as we are often on the limit for front axel weights, saving (potentially) 15kg by replacing the AGM or lead acid battery, is maybe worth looking into, and the lithium batteries apparently last longer, so the total cost of ownership might end up being the same.

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    Yep. Running twin under bonnet lithium. No issues with starting (V8 TT 200 series) or winching, etc. I'd speak to Stewart From Toyotrek QLD. He does lithium's suited and warranted under bonnet that have been really good. (They also charge from standard alternator.)


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      thanks Piggy, I am looking at just installing one of these, DCS 12V 75AH (LITHIUM), it has 750 cranking amps, for winching the general minimum is 650 crank amps, and with the 75ah deep cycle component, I would imagine it does the job well.

      Which batteries do you have ?


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