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Prado 1KD-FTV Cracked Piston Class Action Is In The Pipeline.

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  • Prado 1KD-FTV Cracked Piston Class Action Is In The Pipeline.

    Hi Everyone. I hope you are well. Earlier this year my family and I fell victim to the cracked piston common issue which most of you are all too familer with. After much frustration with dealing with the manufacturer and retailer I decided to start a group which has had over 200 people join in the last 48 hours. The group can be joined only by those who own a Toyota with a 1KD-FTV Engine please help bring attention to our cause Please join the group if this has happened to you as I now have a litigation funding company which is happy to fund this class action. We need everyone who has experienced this issue and have been shunned by Toyota when requesting assistance.

    As many would be aware there is currently a crackdown on manufacturers in their treatment of consumers case in point the recent 10 million dollar fine to Ford over their treatment of consumers. My vehicle failed on a highway with trucks passing us at speeds of 100KM per hour and we had to wait for a tow truck for almost 2 hours. This is definately a safety concern precedented by the VW recall for their vehicles suddenly loosing power on the road causing the death of a driver.

    This has come to the point that law firms are seriously wanting to take it further however numbers are crucial which is why am making as many aware of this as possible. Please join the group the more in the group the more likely we will have success.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Everyone. Just a quick update on the progress of this effort to push for a class action. We now have a funder who if all their criteria is met is willing to fund the claim and as of today there are potentially two law firms who are interested in looking further into the merit of the claim and yes the safety aspect does come into play. I can not divulge any names until the parties involved allow it however it is in everyone’s interest to share this page with as many as possible to reach people who have or could potentially be affected by this issue. steps at the moment but like everything in time the steps get bigger and quicker. Thank you for your support


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      Do you have to have had a cracked piston or is this for all 1KD-FTV engines failed or not?