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2014 Prado fuel system warning light

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  • 2014 Prado fuel system warning light

    Driving about 400 Kimís. After last fuel fill up, the fuel system warning light came on. It was a constant pic, not flashing and no buzzer. I did a google search after reading the manual which states go to your nearest dealer (how useless). The google search indicated it was probably the fuel filter requiring replacement. I am very particular about servicing and have the filter changed every second service. However, I did use the fuel doctor treatment additive and that may have cleaned out the system. The vehicle Has only 85000klms. I drove another 400 Kimís. And had the filter replaced at a dealership. No dramas since. My reason for the post is that I could not find much on Prado point.

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    They have two fuel filters.
    Wonder if the between tank filter has been getting changed or just the engine bay filter.


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      It was the engine bay filter. Went to Port Macquarie TOyota dealer and they booked me in first up and had me on the road again within the hour. In my view, great customer service.


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        Check your breather hoses on the tanks under your car.
        The warning light is telling you that one of your tank is approaching empty because of a breathing issue.
        U pulled mine and blew them out. Problem solved.


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          Coincidence that the issue cropped up after your last fuel up. May have scored a crook batch of fuel.
          Pays to do follow up fuel filter change after a few thousand k's.


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            Thanks guys for the replies. As I stated in my original post, I did use the ďfuel doctorĒ diesel treatment and maybe that added to the gunk in the filter. Or maybe it was a bad batch of fuel. I do use either BP orCaltex at what seem to be high turnover stations. Either way I will in future have the filter changed at each service in future. Regards


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              I alternate between the under bonnet and between tank filters at each service. Effectivly they get changed yearly