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Exhaust temps 2012 3L diesel auto

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  • Exhaust temps 2012 3L diesel auto

    I am currently travelling around Oz with the fam and a 2.5T van. I bought a 3in exhaust (reputable brand) before the trip. I don't have an EGT sensor and I don't have a chip or remap. After 15000kms the cat converter totally separated at a weld joint. It was fixed under warranty and the repairer noted the exhaust was getting extremely hot due to the state of the gaskets he replaced. He also mentioned to let the exhaust cool down before creek crossings (we did several el questro river crossings). I only travel up to100kmph in D4 while towing. Any suggestions on what else I can do to help this from happening again. Thanks for any feedback
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    You’re right up on the limit of the engine towing that weight.
    If you want to keep the 150 you should look to having it’s ecu reflashed.
    Power will go from around 110hp at the wheels to at least 170.
    The car will get on top of the load easier and pull in S4 very well. Forget D, keep her in converter lock.
    Obviously the best option is to sell the 150 and buy a 200, but we all try to get the most out of what we can afford.


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      An ECU remap won't reduce exhaust temps.

      2010 Silver GXL Prado 150, D4D Auto, with a few non standard bits


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        Get a gauge ? Now you have a exhaust you’ll have a bung you can tap In too.. just need 12v power easier

        maybe try drive at 90kph too ? And back off on hills more cruise up them


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          Reflashed ecu will have a boost increase, extra airflow drops EGT.
          Extra hp making the car roll along more easily also means it’s not WOT the whole time.
          Check Roo systems reflashed 70 series on YouTube where they logged EGT as well as other parameters while they tested it towing up the Gateway.
          Huge difference in towing capability.
          But it’s up to the OP to make up his own mind. Lots of input can be handy in making the decision.
          My 150 went from about 115 to a bit over 170rwhp. Towed the Jayco 17.56.2 Outback dead easy, but IMO a Prado is too light to tow 2.3t so went to a 200.
          Friends have just had their 150 reflashed by the same shop I went to. They tow a big single axle van, about 1.8t and since the reflash they’re absolutely loving it.