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Prado 150 GXL (2.8 D MY 2015) Engine performance upgrades

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  • Prado 150 GXL (2.8 D MY 2015) Engine performance upgrades

    Hello Prado People,

    I am looking at making a few performance upgrades to my Prado 150 (2.8D) engine and wanted to get your thoughts on what the best bang for buck on performance upgrades are and if its worth while upgrading the Turbo and getting it tuned (not chipped)

    Please share your thoughts.



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    You'll get many opinions on this, from changing anything is dangerous, to the whole turbo and fuel pressure upgrades.

    I've run a Steinbauer for 8 years along with a sports muffler. There was some info ages ago that showed that this combo was the best bang for buck. The Steinbauer only changes fuel duration, not fuel pressure or turbo boost, and for a limit of 30 seconds. You do have to be mindful of stressing the engine and drive train.

    I only want the performance for overtaking and when towing. I haven't been on a dyno, however my Prado does 0-100 in around 11 seconds which is very similar to the new 150kw engine.

    2010 Silver GXL Prado 150, D4D Auto, with a few non standard bits


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