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ECU remap 2016 2.8l auto

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  • ECU remap 2016 2.8l auto

    Gday all,

    I've been doing some research on ECU remaps on my 2016 2.8l auto Prado. Like most of this model, when towing the transmission won't hold gears and continually hunts around. My goals for a remap are 1. Reliability 2. Stop the transmission from hunting and 3. Improved fuel economy. I'm not after massive power gains but obviously some gains will occur and are welcome.

    Talking to differant shops, they recommend differant things. One says a transmission cooler and ECU/TCM remap is all that's required and by not doing a TCM remap, anything else is just a band aid fix.

    Another says DPF delete and ECU remap. He reckons by doing the ECU remap, it fixes the torque curve and thus fixes the transmission issues, including negating the need for a cooler.

    Another says a converter lockup kit and ECU remap. He reckons the lockup kit fixes all the transmission issues.

    I'm interested in what others have done and would or wouldn't recommend.


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    Save yourself some money, just add a transmission cooler and drive with the transmission locked into 4th (top) gear in S mode when towing. The transmission will then only change down when it needs a lower gear & stop hunting for gears. It will also keep the oil cooler. You'll use slightly more fuel but cooler running will extend the life of the transmission. An ecu remap shouldn't be necessary.
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