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  • Knock sensor locations

    Hi, I have a 2010 150 series petrol. Ive had rodents gnawing away at my wiring under the bonnet lately and have managed to repair/ replace the damaged wiring which was on a couple of the injectors. All went well for a couple of weeks until I got the flashing 4wd, VSC and engine light come on. Took it to Toyota who reported that these lights were due to a knock sensor error. Im figuring that its more than likely due to the rodents chewing on a wire or 2, but unsure of where the knock sensor/s are, I thought Id throw it out there. Plan was to work my way back along the wiring from the sensor and hopefully come across the damage.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well there's either not to many petty owners out there or no one knows where to locate the knock sensor...or no one gives a rats...pardon the pun!!! At any rate, I found them, 2, one on each bank, in the most difficult spot of the engine to get to. I had to remove the black air plenum chamber thing on top, 9600 rubber hoses and other sensor plugs, this then got me to the valley cover, remove that, then making sure that all of the intake ports were covered, start removing the amazingly constructed rodent nest made from chook feathers (chook pen's behind the shed) fluffy stuff, grass, a serviette and lots of little coloured things (chewed up bits of wire)
    Anyway, confirming the knock sensor must have been the round thing with 2 unterminated wires hanging out of it, I removed the plug that connects to the knock sensor, carefully pulled apart the plug, attached a couple of hi temp wires and then the pain in the neck bit began. These little deamons had chewed all the way back to the main loom which meant I had to unwrap 40mm or so of that bundle wrap stuff, quite difficult when you can only get your thumb and a couple of fingers in there! This freed up enough wire to solder, crimp and heat shrink the new wires from the plug. This bit took me about as much time again as what it had done getting to this point.
    Anyhow, 30mins later, removed the batt +ve lead, bridged it to earth to clear the error logs, reconnected +ve, hit the go button, bingo, all good.
    Total time-about 5 hours
    Cost-$8.90 (out door rat baits)
    Saving-at Toyotas $135/hr, heaps!

    The old girls back to normal.