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95/98 fuel efficiency difference

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  • 95/98 fuel efficiency difference

    Hi All.
    Looking for some information I'm finding hard to see.
    Looking to see what the fuel efficiency is between 95 and 98 RON for the 150 petrol Prados.
    Has anyone researched this or has a link for such info?


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    Probably going to be hard to find.
    Bottom line. 98 will give better economy than 91. So one would expect 95 to be somewhere mid way between them. So maybe 1-1.5 l/100 better than 91.


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      With my now sold 120 V6 I found it always ran a lot better on either 95 or 98 than it did on 91, which in turn was a lot better than that rubbish E10 that NSW is inflicted with. However I could tell no difference in performance/ economy between 95 and 98. Nevertheless it often got 98 as 95 became really hard to find in Sydney. Either is worth the extra for the extra smoothness.


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        Thanks for the replies.
        What are most people running on? I thought there would be a clear difference between 95 and 98. Maybe that was just me previous car which had to be run on 98 and nothing else
        (not Prado related)


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          I run all 3. As I've got a choice of vehicles, if I know of a layup period I fill with 98.
          If petrol is stupid $$ ( often 1.60 + litre in SA) I might fill with 91.
          On average I use 95. When's petrol is cheaper like now ($1.14) I use 98 as well.
          If doing a trip or towing. 98 only.
          I also get a bit of leftover 120-150 octane race fuel after races/dyno tunes etc. so mix that in too. Maybe once every couple months.
          There is a clear economy difference on 98 to 91.


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            Did a quick look at some records I keep, on average 95 in mine 16.08L/100 km , 98 15.19L/100 km for similar running (normal work run) measured from accurate speedo (gps verified) and petrol fill ups @ 150lish. I have not run 91 as yet (not planning to unless circumstances dictate it). I have learned one thing that the read out on the dash is just entertainment, and that you should clean your MAF sensor.