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Car manuals stolen..

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  • Car manuals stolen..

    Okay, looks like we may have had all our Prado's manuals stolen , including service manual ect...

    My question is, can a 2016 Prado be opened or started without a key? Is there any secret info inside the books that could allow the crooks to come back for the car?


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    Only thing they might be able to do is order a spare key.
    My understanding is a remote would need to be coded to the car to allow it to work however. Whilst it may allow them to manually open it. They shouldn't be able to start it.

    I'd notify the local dealer and see if they can flag it.


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      Did you verify they were there after your last service? I always take mine out now when getting it serviced at a dealership, just leave the service manual in there for them to stamp. Got the radio manual pinched out of my 95 series during a service years ago and it was a right pain to replace. I ended up contacting someone who was selling the same model on CarSales and they very kindly photocopied theirs for me and posted it to me.
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        Thanks for your replies guys..

        I sent the girlfriend to Toyota during the morning while I had a snooze (nightshift), but I'll ring dealer again on Monday to confirm if they can get a spare key out of having the manuals. And yep, I specifically remember having the manuals after last service.. I had to go back because they forgot to stamp it!

        What a bugger, but lessons learnt today! Lock. The. Car!