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Rear door squeak

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  • Rear door squeak

    Does anyone else get the rear cargo door squeak?

    I'm sure I've narrowed it down to the plastic fittings about half way up , that seem to be an apparatus to stop the rear door dropping when it's closed?

    I've hit it with WD 40 and Silicon spray and even some cruddy old axle grease but it doesn't take long for it to come back

    1. Is there a better long term fix that I should employ?
    2. I was thinking about trying to find a white grease lube stick

    Do Supercrap or Autobum have something like that ?



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    Mine just started doing it the other day.. 2016, 48k km... How irritating


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      Check the black plastic part next to rear wiper. Mine was lose and making noise. So i put the double side tape and fix. No rattle after that.
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        Place some duct tape over the male and female part of that black guide thing.
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          Flip the metal latch on the body (U shaped piece). I suspect the coating has worn away and it's metal on metal. Swapped mine today, and squeak solved.
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            Not a squeak, but mine has started a slight knock/tap sound sometimes when I turn left on an incline/decline or certain bumps. Cant work out if its the rear door or a suspension part. Mines a 2014 GXH with 29K.


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              My son's 150 developed a rattle from the rear cargo door that took him a while to diagnose. It turned out to be a small piece of plastic inside the actual door lock mechanism that had broken off. A new door lock fixed the rattle but was it costly at over $300